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Praise for How the West Was Written

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The reviews of How the West Was Written have started to come in, and they are just lovely. The book has been featured in The Globe and Mail’s 30 December 2021 “Books of the Year” book review section, and appears at No. 8 on the McNally Robinson list of best-selling books for 2006. It has also been the subject of a feature column by Morley Walker in the Winnipeg Free Press, and a “Sunday Pick” in the Edmonton Journal. Here are some head-turning comments from the reviewers about this little book of mine: J. Edward Chamberlin writing in the Literary Review of Canada: “A very readable biography … It is a tribute to Brennan’s book that he makes us want to go back and read Gray himself.” Jenny Mortin writing in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix: “Brennan has done a fine job of making Gray a human being … Saskatoon’s Bill Waiser has written the introduction and comments that ‘Gray would have liked this book.’ No greater praise.” Chris Simnett writing in the Calgary Herald: “A light and funny book that tells the story of a maverick who first tackled subjects such as the drinking habits and sexcapades of the West’s earliest settlers.” Dino O’Meara writing in the Western Standard: “Brennan crafts a rich portrait of a man fiercely independent and unafraid to state his opinions … Gray’s life unfolds with vigour in this deftly written first...

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