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Florence Lassandro: Bootlegger’s moll and executed murderer

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One of Alberta’s most notorious murder cases of the 1920s occurred in the Crowsnest Pass in 1921, when Prohibition was in full force.

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John Brownlee: Disgraced premier

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Long before Bill Clinton “did not have a sexual relationship with that woman,” Alberta’s own John Brownlee denied seducing a junior government stenographer.

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Henry Marshall Tory: University of Alberta founder

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The University of Alberta was founded in 1908 for the most pragmatic of reasons: to sell the young province to prospective settlers.

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Henry Wise Wood: Farm leader and wheat pool creator

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Henry Wise Wood was the first in a series of semi-mystical visionaries – William Aberhart and Ernest Manning followed in his footsteps – who rose up when called upon to give voice to the concerns of western Canada.

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Bob Edwards: Booze-loving newspaper satirist

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Bob Edwards was Calgary’s first media celebrity, a genuine pre-television superstar who put the frontier town on the North American map long before the cowboy showman Guy Weadick launched the Calgary Stampede or Mayor Don Mackay gave away his first white hat.

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