Other Writings

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As well as writing books, I also write magazine, newspaper and journal articles. Over the years, I have written for such publications as The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and Calgary Herald. As H.G. Wells once said, “I’d rather be called a journalist than an artist.” In recent years, I have contributed to the following publications.

For the April-May 2016 issue of Canada’s History magazine (formerly The Beaver), I wrote the cover story, “Outlaws,” about the wild and woolly characters who spent time in Canada’s West during the frontier era. A click HERE brings you to the magazine’s website promo for the article. With a subscription to the magazine, you can read the full piece.

Facts & Opinions was a respected independent online publication of journalism and commentary to which I contributed feature articles, columns, essays and occasional pieces. You can find links to my contributions on the page that comes up when you click HERE. One of my contributions, a feature story on Calgary’s popular mayor, Naheed Nenshi, won the 2014 Features Writing Award (runner-up) from the Professional Writers Association of Canada. You can read this award-winning story by clicking HERE.


Galleries West, now published only online, was a glossy magazine that strived to heighten awareness of the visual arts scene in Western Canada. I contributed profiles of Western Canada’s distinguished senior artists and other stories from the time the print version of the magazine was launched in 2002 to when it moved online in 2016. You can find a selection of my stories by clicking HERE.


Irish Times

I have written one piece for the Irish Times, about emigrating to Canada. You can read it by clicking HERE. Lots of nice comments from the IT readers, which is rare in these days of mean-spirited anonymous online trolls.



In April 1989, I had my first byline in The New York Times. It felt good. You can read the story by clicking HERE.


For the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s 2017 book, It’s All Happening So Fast: A Counter-History of the Modern Canadian Environment, I wrote a chapter about a bizarre proposal for using nuclear energy to extract oil from the Athabasca tar sands that almost came to fruition. Other contributors to this book included Douglas Coupland and David Suzuki. You can view a scan of the first page of my chapter by clicking HERE.