Q & A

Q  Did you ever think of running away to join the circus?

A  Not really, unless you count my leaving Ireland to become a wandering minstrel in Canada. But my friend and writing comrade Bob Bott has actually been on the road with a troupe of clowns, puppeteers and jugglers, as seen in a charming NFB documentary that you can view here.


Q  What are you working on at the moment?

A  I am writing columns and feature articles for the on-line journal, Fact & Opinions. I’m also working on an autobiographical novel, working title Emigrant, an excerpt from which you can find here. And I am finishing up work on a nonfiction book of biographical profiles, Rogues and Rapscallions, which will be a sequel to my 2002 title, Scoundrels and Scallywags.

Q  Where can I read more about your autobiography, Leaving Dublin?

A  Lots of good info on the Book Club Buddy website, a valuable literary resource created by author Pearl Luke. I’ve also posted a summary of the book’s contents, here.

Q  Is there a trailer for Leaving Dublin?

A  Yes, you can view it on YouTube, here.


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