Ezra Levant vs Rachel Notley

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The Rachel Notley government imposes a ban on a conservative propaganda website and quickly lifts it when media commentators across Canada start crying foul.

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A reporter-turned-politician sues Canada’s largest newspaper publisher

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Television war correspondent Arthur Kent earned the nickname “Scud Stud” when he reported about Iraqi missile attacks on Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf war of 1991. He received a less flattering designation when he ran for provincial politics in Alberta.

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Talking to CBC Radio about Rogues and Rebels

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Chris dela Torre, host of CBC Radio One’s Daybreak Alberta, gave me the opportunity this morning to tell listeners across the province about my new book, Rogues and Rebels: Unforgettable Characters from Canada’s West.

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A new dawn for Alberta: Rachel Notley

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Rachel Notley did the unthinkable. She toppled a 44-year-old political dynasty and brought a social democratic party to power for the first time in Alberta’s 110-year-old history.

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Pre-election polling

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Do you respond to phone calls from political pollsters or do you hang up? Take my survey so we can see how valid these polls really are.

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