Rogues and Rebels
Unforgettable Characters From Canada’s West

ISBN 978-0889773981
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They never retracted, never explained, never apologized, and they got things done.

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Discover the unforgettable characters who made the West what it is today. You know many of them by name: Ralph Klein, Nellie McClung, Tommy Douglas and Clyde Gilmour. Others are less well-known: the inventor of the Bloody Caesar; those who assumed fake identities to further their ambitions; Brother XII, the mysterious cult leader, and more.

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Here’s a complete listing of the featured mavericks:

Peter Pond: Explorer, fur trader and brawler

Jerry Potts: Metis warrior and police scout

John William Tims: Anglican missionary

Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Clarke: Pugilistic municipal politician

Nellie McClung: Writer, feminist and social reformer

Winnifred Reeve (Onoto Watanna): Novelist and poseur

Edward Arthur Wilson (Brother XII): Religious fanatic and swindler

Jack Krafchenko: Career criminal

Morris “Two-Gun” Cohen: Pistol-packing Englishmen in the Chinese Revolution

Mike Mountain Horse: First World War veteran

Margaret “Ma” Murray: Iconoclastic newspaper editor

Will James: Cowboy artist, author and masquerader

Tommy Douglas: Political leader

Gladys Arnold: War correspondent

James H. Gray: Social historian

Clyde Gilmour: Broadcaster

Ruth Gorman: Social justice advocate

Stu Hart: Wrestling promoter

Melvin Crump: Musician and civil rights activist

Jack Webster: Talk-show host

Stan Waters: Soldier and elected senator

Roy Farran: Decorated war veteran and politician

Hal Sisson: Lawyer, author, comedian and marbles player

Milt Harradence: Gun-toting lawyer and judge

Donald Cormie: Disgraced financier

Claire Chell: Co-inventor of the Bloody Caesar

Robert Kroetsch: Author

Shay Duffin: Entertainer

Rick McNair: Theatrical free spirit

Ralph Klein: Journalist turned politician

Heather Robertson: Author and journalist rights advocate

Billy Cowsill: Singer

ISBN: 9780889773981 (paperback)

ISBN: 9780889774001 (ebook)

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