Scoundrels and Scallywags:
Characters From Alberta’s Past

ISBN 978-1894004923
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A married Alberta premier, John Brownlee, lost his job after enticing a junior government clerk to have sex with him

He was fifty, she was twenty. After Canada’s Supreme Court endorsed the trial jury’s guilty verdict, Brownlee took the case to the British Privy Council, then the court of last resort for Canadians. He lost again. The courts awarded his accuser, Vivian MacMillan, $10,000 plus costs, and Brownlee’s United Farmers party never won another election.

That’s one of the stories best-selling social historian Brian Brennan tells in this collection of true tales about the rogues, rebels, eccentrics and other colourful characters who have left their mark on Alberta over the years. Others featured individuals include:

Owen “Blue Blazer” Hart, a professional wrestler killed in a freak accident after being lowered by cable from an arena ceiling.

Dorothy Joudrie, a socialite charged with attempted murder after shooting her husband six times with a handgun.

Guy Weadick, a cowboy showman who helped found the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

Pearl Miller, the most notorious brothel keeper in Calgary history.

Harold “Goofy” McMasters, an inept professional heavyweight boxer who never won a bout.

Florence Lassandro, the only woman ever hanged in Alberta, after she murdered a provincial policeman.

Scoundrels and Scallywags has been a constant best-seller since first published in 2002. Add it to your library today, and dip into it frequently for amusement and enlightenment.

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The lineup of featured individuals in the book also includes the following:

A collection of riveting tales about the adventurers, eccentrics and outlaws who dared to be different, and who definitely would not tolerate being ignored.” –Western Living magazine

Here is Alberta history in bite-sized, easily digested portions, a lively and entertaining romp through the years.” –Calgary Herald

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