Romancing the Rockies
Mountaineers, Missionaries, Marilyn and More

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Brian Brennan introduces the reader to such individuals as:

Pioneering missionaries Robert Rundle and George McDougall; nineteenth-century botanists David Douglas and John Macoun; famed painters Paul Kane and Henry James Warre; and Jimmy Simpson, the famous Banff guide and outfitter.

He also gives life to one-time Rocky Mountain residents such as:

  • Byron Harmon, the first professional photographer to make his home in the Rockies;
  • Carl Rungius, the first significant artist to live and paint in the Rockies;
  • Chief Smallboy, who led his Cree band into the Rocky Mountain wilderness to find peace and harmony;
  • Norman Sanson, the weatherman who climbed Sulphur Mountain one thousand times over a 35-year period to check meteorological data.

And of course, there are the tourists - the climbers, trail riders, hunters and movie stars – whose dollars made it possible for the residents to be residents.

And there’s more – much more.

Here Brennan is interviewed about the book by Global Calgary’s Gord Gillies. Look for the rare photo of Marilyn Monroe about two minutes into the interview:

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Here Brennan talks to City TV’s Dave Kelly about the book. Again, look for the Marilyn Monroe bit near the beginning of the video:

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Here Brennan talks to CTV Calgary’s Jocelyn Laidlaw about the book. Marilyn Monroe makes her cameo appearance toward the end:

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“Good news, history buffs, biographer Brian Brennan has done it again.” – Ben Gadd, author Handbook of the Canadian Rockies

“If you buy just one book about the Rockies, this is the one.” – Chic Scott, author Pushing the Limits: the Story of Canadian Mountaineering

“As a longtime Rockies-oholic, I’m delighted with this book. For anyone with an interest in Canada’s favourite mountains, Brian Brennan has given us more to know and love.”–Alberta Views magazine

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